Training Philosophy

At Team Schneider Running we believe that training is a science, but that science doesn't need to be overly complicated. You don't need hero workouts that break you down, just good old fashioned, hard, relentless consistency and the willingness to work for your goals, whatever those may be. We're interested in getting you to the starting line healthy and ready to race. We're not interested in making you look like the most bad-ass runner on Strava (until race day, of course). Yes, you will do difficult tempo and interval workouts, but you'll do them within your abilities and tailored to your specific race goals/distances each cycle. You'll bring your A game on speed work and long run days, but you'll emphasize recovery on other days while building your aerobic base. This looks different for every athlete, and each athlete will be viewed as an individual. The training plans are not cookie-cutter. They will be based on your ability, and goals that are within reason for your ability.