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Coach Ben
Marathon PR: 2:23:56
Half Marathon PR: 1:08:22

Ben has been running competitively for 15+ years. He has raced over 50 marathons, with 19 marathon wins to his credit. He continues to train at a high level and is still looking to improve his PR's in the longer distances. He has experimented with various marathon training methodologies and has been a student of a few coaches over the years. Drawing from these experiences he has developed his own methodology and is currently self-coached. Ben began self coaching in 2017 while trying to come back from a serious Achilles tendon injury. He has found what works best for his running goals and running health. Since resuming self-coaching, he has run multiple marathons under 2:30.

His wife Candice was his first coached athlete in 2009. He was able to help her take her marathon PR from a 3:39 to a 3:20, down to a 3:10 in one year. During years of experimenting with other methodologies, and figuring out what really works for them, they were both coached by different people. After stuggling for a couple of years, Candice returned to Ben as her coach in 2018. After one training cycle she broke her 6 year old half marathon PR taking it from 1:28 down to 1:25.

Ben races locally on the USATF MN Team Circuit for Collegeville Track Club. He enjoys traveling, and is an avid football, and soccer fan.

                                                                   Coach Candice
Marathon PR: 3:05:36
Half Marathon PR: 1:25:24

Candice has 12+ years of marathon experience and considers the distance her calling. She has raced 33 marathons with 6 marathon wins, and 3 half marathon wins to her credit. 15 of those marathons were 3:15 and under. Most recently she has been dabbling on the trail scene and ran her first 50k race in 2018, with her second coming up in 2019. After experimenting with various training methodologies over the years she feels like she has finally found the right combination of what works for her and her training with Ben guiding the ship as her coach. She's constantly reading and learning more about the science behind the sport she loves so much. Her favorite thing to do is look at others training and brainstorm- I know if we tweaked THIS, this person could run THAT. She believes the little things add up to the big things in running: strength, sleep, nutrition, recovery, & mindset. Having tasted both extremes of struggle and success in her running she feels she can relate to just about anyone's situation with their training and provide guidance.

A former member of Collegeville Track Club, Candice now races for Mill City Race Team on the USATF MN Team Circuit. She is also a part of Oiselle Volee. Beyond running, she enjoys spending time outdoors with Team Schneider's mascot Kaiser (a 3 year old Doberman Pinscher), coming up with healthy, creative recipes, writing, and traveling.